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    Bat removal in Cayse, South Carolina

    Bat removal and bat control by bat colony removal experts in Columbia, SC can handle all of your bat removal conflicts. Whether you have a bat issue in your attic, house, business or church The Wildlife Professionals can remove and relocate the bat colony creating a peaceful bat removal solution for you and your business in Cayse South Carolina.

    Raccoon Removal by raccoon control experts In Cayse, SC

    Raccoons will from time to time find their way into your attic, eaves or even your chimney . It happens!

    Though these banded critters are very cute to look at, they can cause a lot of damage when they make your attic space, eaves or chimney their breeding ground.

    If you believe you have an animal in your house attic, or are hearing noises you can not explain let an experienced wildlife removal expert inspect and help you with your raccoon or animal removal problem.

    Squirrel removal and squirrel control and squirrel trapping process

    Everyone loves to watch a squirrel in the yard running about and acting crazy . But when a squirrel decides your attic is a great place to start a family that whole attitude will change pretty quick.

    The fact is that squirrels cause more house fires than any other rodent.

    If you have noises in your wall, noises in your attic or noises in the floor and believe you have a squirrel removal issue call the pro's to help you with your squirrel removal or squirrel control issues.

    Snake Control and Snake Prevention

     I have enjoyed snakes for a while now, though I have to admit before I started this venture into wildlife control I was scared stiff of any snake poisonous or non. I had nightmares about them when I was young. They were almost as terrifying as zombies.

    Now however I love them and everything that they do. I have learned a lot about these fascinating creatures and continue to learn more every day!

    Snake Removal by snake control and snake removal experts in Cayse, SC are the best avenue by far when you have a snake in the yard or even a snake in the house. Identifying a snake in Cayse, SC can even be difficult sometimes by seasoned professionals. don't handle a snake at all!!! unless you are sure it is non-poisonous and then wear the proper gloves or preferably use a snake tong.

    If You don't have a snake tong then you are probably not certified to determine the species of snake and again it would be safer and smarter to contact your local snake control agent and let him or her deal with it.

    Snake Control and treatment typically consists of removing the food source that the snake are feeding on. typically this is rodent in nature, though most snake will eat insects, lizards and even other snakes. 

    The Wildlife Professionals of Cayse, SC will determine to cause of the issue and give you options to eliminate the issue.

     Cayse, SC Snake extermination is not always needed, even if you feel it is. Killing a snake won't fix the underlying issue that you have. If a snake is in your home, it is not an accident the majority of the time so let your wildlife professional help you with your decisions.

    Snakes are fascinating creatures. They stretch the very fabric of both fantasy and fear.

    Most Snakes in  Cayse, SC really don't want the attention that they receive, in fact snakes would rather be behind the scenes all together. They serve a function that is ecologically beneficial. From insects to rodents , these snake Cayse, SC e fear help keep our homes and business clear of these ever increasingly nasty pests.

    One thing however is clear! When a snake finds it way into your house or business it is never a good thing, at least for the dwellers. We remove Snakes from homes and business.

    When snakes are found co existing with humans it is typically a red flag for issues you may not even know you have.

    Snakes in  Cayse, SC are only after food , so if they are in your home or business there is a sound reason for it! Snakes will follow rodents such as mice, rats, squirrels and even bats into your home and will hunt and feast on them until the population is at a point that they will leave to allow for re population. Snakes are far from ignorant. They understand for the most part of how to allow a food stock for future use.

    As In Cayse, SC Snakes  in are in every state of our country. you will at one time or more in your life run across them, whether in your garden, garage or even in your home.

    Eastern Rat snakes  found in Cayse, SC are one of my favorite snakes just because they are so fascinating. For one thing they don't need the sun to metabolize their foods. this means that they don't have to be out in the sun to digest their meals. they hang out in crawl spaces and even attics for months at a time where other snakes would need to come and go.

    So its no wonder that in Cayse, SC I am called on most of my reptile calls to remove them.

    Copperhead Snakes or Agkistrodon Contortrix
     Theses snakes can vary in color from grey to Brown Cross bands to light brown variations.
    When Copperhead snakes are born (alive, and not from eggs) they look like adults except for the yellowish or greenish tail coloration.

    Copperhead Habitat in Cayse, SC.  Most copperhead snakes prefer open Rocky Woodland , Rock Edges, and open grassland near woodland outcrops. Copperheads blend in tremendously with most leaf litter.

    In the Summer(Hot) Months Copperheads become nocturnal.
    In Spring and Fall they are often found on Wooded Hilltop Rock Outcrops with a southern exposure.

    Mother Copperhead snakes typically give birth from August to October depending the area or state they live in, and they give live birth and not from eggs.

    Food consists of insects, frogs, toads, lizards,small birds, other snake and they love rodents.