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Squirrel removal and trapping in North Houston areas

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 In North Houston TX squirrel control have become an ever increasing issue for pest control companies throughout Texas. 

Let's face it everyone loves to watch squirrels in the park or even in the back yard  running around and doing acrobatics on tree limbs and even balancing on electric lines. But when a squirrel chews its way into your attic or walls it can be quite annoying.

A squirrel in the attic or in the wall will chew and make noises in the attic or in the wall and make it almost impossible to get sleep.

A wildlife professional can trap and remove the culprit squirrel and exclude the areas that the squirrel has found to enter the house or business so that the problem or conflict will not happen in the future.

How to get rid of a squirrel in the wall making noises.

Typically when you hear noises in the attic or noises in the wall early in the morning and at sunset in the evening you are dealing with a rodent issue and most likely squirrel in nature. A squirrel will find its way into your attic, eaves and even in the chimney to make a nest or place to have a family of baby squirrel. Once the squirrel has decided and found a place that the squirrel has decided is a great place to build a squirrel nest the female squirrel will begin to build nesting material and this includes your attic insulation, yard debris and common trash found.

The best way to get rid of a squirrel problem is to buy and set a common humane squirrel trap found in any Tractor supply or any other feed and seed store and place it in a place where squirrels frequently visit. Once the squirrel or squirrels are caught simply take the squirrel trap to a place miles away and release the squirrel or squirrels into the new area, preferably woodlands or a park. Always remember that squirrels in the attic most likely have young and removing the female squirrel could possibly mean that there are young squirrel still in the dwelling. If these baby squirrels are not removed they could die and cause more issues.

Squirrel or squirrels will most likely make a squirrel nest in the insulation in the attic. If that is the case then the insulation in the area that the squirrel has made its home will need to be removed and new insulation will need to be placed down. Squirrels tend to spend most of their time with the baby squirrels which means that the insulation that will need to be removed tends to be in the area of the nesting area.

What is squirrel exclusion?

Basically squirrel exclusion is the repair of the areas that the squirell or squirells have chewed in to such as the fascia, eaves, gable vents or attic vents or Chimney. Squirrel exclusion is the act of repairing holes that the squirell chewed in to, But the squirrel has to be removed or trapped or the squirrel will simply chew thru another week point in the house or business.

Squirrels are not rats or mice, but they are rodents! Squirrels will act as most rodents do. Most pest control companies have an issue trying to relate or figure out the difference and will use poisons to del with the issue. Never let any company use poison when dealing with a rodent issue that may be a squirrel problem or a squirrel in the attic issue.

Poisons kill and when a large rodent such as a squirrel is poisoned and dies in your wall, in your attic or even under you house the smell can be extremely aggresive and offensive! Some poeple have actually left their home because of the smell and the smell can last for up to two weeks. It is impossible to sleep with this kind of smell! you can not shower with out the smell, the smell gets into your clothes and the ordeal is terrible! A dead animal smell is awful and invasive!

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